Practice & Peril

by Watershed Drag

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Written during Fall 2013 in Bowling Green Kentucky.
Intended to be part of a larger piece, the rest of which will be released in the future.


released September 6, 2014

Written and played by Mr. John Huxley
Sung and refined by Ms. Amy K. Fehrenbach

Recorded by Huxley @ Hyperbunk, Bowling Green KY in 2013



all rights reserved


Watershed Drag Edinboro, Pennsylvania

Amy Fehrenbach - Nylon String Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Flute, Trombone, Upright Bass, Vocals

Cam Ferranti - Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Steel & Nylon Acoustic Guitar, Piano/Organ/Synthesizers, Percussion, Vocals

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Track Name: Afsakið
fault and silence
peace pretending
perpetrate the earth
dawn and violence
sleep digressing
elevate the earth
reason flawless
never ending
breathe unto the light

hold my breath in life
pretending long into the night
I hear the angels gather softly
earth and sky divide

season ending
sun descending
shadows soon take flight
forward stepping
lifetime reckoning
while I lowly lie
Track Name: Cloudburst
Maybe I bore my witness
to the things that aren't me
things that I can't confide in anyone
Yeah, baby I tore my stitches
and let it bleed all over you
yeah, you'd never know the mountains
that this shit can move

the fire burns but
I've never been this cold
I'm all alight with so much of what we're doing
tell me, are you getting tired yet?
the work so far from over

The smoke is curling in my heart
eclipse the vast velvet dark
this empty room, it ripples with yesteryear
I can still feel them moving around
and through the cold inside
the paint peels and I have never felt so alive

the fire burns and
I've never been this cold
I'm all alight with so much of what we're doing
tell me, are you getting tired yet?
the work so far from over...

I'm hovering in the twilight
in and out of solitude
the whisps of cloudbreak
convolute and they brood

burst in the stratosphere, refracting light
burst in the atmosphere, ablution falls
Track Name: Bileheart
These words are for you
I hope you keep them
the meaning yours alone
so take it to your grave
or the place you keep the broken things
in your hollow heart
does it heal you in your hollow heart?

I used to be so strong; complete
and I used to hold my head high
and the subtleness that warmed my world
has gone a way, so has that little girl
did it heal you in your hollow heart?

Shadows closing on everything
can't forgive fear and the hell you bring
in my nightmares, I know you so well
always clanging on my death bell

in my notes I've found some solace
in the drink and in the wallet
tighten the noose inside and know that
its wrapped around you and your hollow heart
I'll put the tension in your hollow heart

bile seeping through everything
silent years and the songs we sing
in your shadow, a bottomless well
dropping pages one by one to hell
Track Name: The Remorse of Dorian Gray
Trying to gather up the scarlet threads of life
to weave them into a pattern to find my way
find my way through
the sanguine labyrinths of passion
through which we are wandering

I'll pick up the pen
for you I had loved
Implore forgiveness in madness
Blaming myself is just enough
the confession, not the priest, brings absolution

Strange that my first passion be for the dead
can they feel, I wonder, those white and silent?
Can she feel now? or know? perhaps listen?
or trapped in the sanguine labyrinths of passion
I forever wonder now...

I'll pick up the pen
for you I had loved
I implore forgiveness in madness
There is a luxury in self-reproach
When we blame ourselves no one else ought blame us